Call of Duty World at War Wii Online in 2020


Error 20110 or 61070 (and 23400 as of 9th July 2020)

Error code 20110, 23400 or 61070 means that whatever patcher method you were using is not functioning or applying correctly.

Error 20100, 23502 or 23500

These error codes mean the server is down.

Error 20103

Error code 20103 means your console is sending invalid data to the server.

Error 60000

Error code 60000 means that your profile does not exist on the new World at War server.

Error 23922

Error code 23922 means your game is attempting to connect to Wiimmfi (which has World at War disabled.)

Error 20102

Error code 20102 means you have been banned from online play.

Error 20107

Error code 20107 means you're trying to connect to the World at War server from another game.

Other Error Codes

All information provided by Wiimmfi unless otherwise specified.

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